Director message

On behalf of myself and everyone in Curriculum unit, vice president of educational affairs  at King Abdulaziz University, I would like to welcome you to our new website that includes valuable information about the nature and activities of the unit that focuses on development of department studying plan with continuous modernization to be fulfilled with the scientific development and work market requirements. One of the main task of the unit is developing the required criteria and models to be sure about the syllabus and output quality. In addition, the unit is required to fulfillment of curriculum to the academic accreditation requirements and academic restructuring plans. Furthermore, it is encouraging the staff members to present consultations in the field of preparing and developing studying plan. Also, the Curriculum unit is responsible for revising and developing the studying unit in the university according to modern international plans.

Please let us know about your suggestions regarding improving our new and recent website.

Dr. Marwan Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud
General Director of the Curriculum Unit

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11/22/2018 12:46:31 AM