Unit aims

1. The ability to develop the department studying plans and renew periodically to keep pace with scientific progress and work market requirements.
2.  Follow up the application of studding plans after accreditation and putting the required criteria's and models to make sure about the ease application of the studying plan and curriculum syllabus as well as their outcomes. 
3. Fulfills the studying curriculums with academic assessment requirements and restructuring academic plans.

 Methods for achieving the goals:
1-Putting the rules and bases as well as criteria's for developing the studying academic programs.
2- Making workshops and meetings with the aim of entrench the bases and development criteria as well as accreditations of the academic plans.
3-Defining both the aims of the studying plane and course description according to the agreed criteria and decalcifying their expected output.
4-Identify the needs and requirements of the studding plan with respect to laboratories, instrumentation and human mates.
5-Unify the requirements for the different colleges in the university and coordinating between them if possible.
6-Putting specified time table programs for implementing the developed studding planes and the required models needed to do so.
7-Seeking for determining flexible tools for continuous development.
8- Taking the latest methods and worldwide existing technologies to develop the studding curriculum and the benefits of the experiences of highly prestigious university in this area.
9-Conduct different studies and literature survey for planes and studying programs in the number of prestigious universities and circulated on the different colleges for benefiting.
10-Final revision for planes and studying programs after accreditation from the colleges' council to be a prelude view by the university council.
11-Confirmation for the colleges and departments to develop the required planes needed for the transition stage between the old and new planes and making the required equations to do so.
12-Strengthening the interaction between Professor and student through:
  • Exciting the required documents and materials site on the internet for ease of exchange of information between the student and the professor.
  • Confirmation on principle of the weekly duties (homework's), scientific researches, strengthening quotas and effective education (active learning).
  Searching for effective ways for getting rid of the students access phenomenon of ready researches from some side.
13-Making site on the internet explains the unit objectives and displays the steps and models necessary for development.

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