Permanent Committee for Curriculum Development

It is a permanent committee configures by university president and headed by vice president for educational affairs, manger of curriculum unit, vice president for acceptance and registration and four professors in the university. They have the following tasks and responsibilities:
a) Proposed of the unit general strategies and raising them to the higher academic committee for accreditations.
b) General supervision on the tasks and works of the curriculum unit.
c) Selection of the suitable mechanisms to activate their plans and decisions reinforcement to ensure implementation of academic plans. 
d)   Follow-up colleges and scientific department for curriculum development and their applications.
f) The committee meets at least twice in the month and raises their records to university president for accreditation.
   3-Unit Manager: He has the next powers and responsibilities.
        a) Responsible in the front of vice president for educational affairs regarding curriculum unit management according to policies and directives that approved by the higher committee.
b) Preparation of annual and periodical work plans for the curriculum unit work.
c) Follow- up the colleges in the curriculum development process that grantee their success.
d)Managing the administrative, financial and technical works which are needs for curriculum unit.
f) Follow- up the modern developments in the curriculum development field with highly remarkable and prestigious universities and scientific institutions inside and outside the university.
g) Outsourcing with specialists and expertise's in studying plans and studying curriculum from inside or outside the university according to the vision of the vice president of educational affairs and based on recommendation of the curriculum unit committee.
h) Outsourcing with specialized editors for linguistics and technical revision as well as standardization of overall appearance (formatting) for the studying plans.
i)Lift a periodic report concerning about works unit.
j) Insuring about containment plan had all items approved by relative higher committees.
Deputies for the unit manager:                                         
 Appointed by the university president according to the recommendation of vice president of educational affairs specifies the tasks and responsibilities.
A number of administrative and technicians according to their need.

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